Super League coach hits out at players “taking advantage” of injury situations

Wigan head coach Adrian Lam has told Wigan Today that he is fed up of some teams exploiting the eagerness of officials to call ‘time off’.

It comes after Wigan’s 16-12 victory over Huddersfield at the weekend saw the clock stopped on numerous occasions as Giants players received treatment.

“I’m nervous as a coach where the game is going in this area,” Lam said.

“I understand we want to protect our players and we’re all for that – we’re all for head injury assessments, looking after head knocks and any facial injuries.

“But I felt during the whole year, not only at the weekend, some teams are taking advantage of that.

“The games seem to be stopping a heck of a lot for players laying down for whatever injury.

“Its not necessarily a head injury, and I’m not saying the players are doing it intentionally, but we seem to be stopping the game a lot for niggly injuries.

“At a time when we’re trying to speed the game up with the ‘six-again’ rule, we’re slowing it down with the stoppages.”

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