Super League coach highlights retention problem facing club

Recruitment and retention is on the minds of a lot of fans.

But Ian Watson’s focus is on the current form of his side.

He believes this will make it easier to tie down his players highlight a bit of a problem where retention is concerned.

When asked about retaining key players, Watson said:

“Yeah I think as we go forward obviously the worst thing you can do is when you when your contracts coming up is you team to not performing or and and losing games as well it doesn’t look good on anybody and everyone starts thinking about different things.”

He then stressed it was about game by game:

“The one thing for us is just what we’re focused on is the immediate game by game at this moment in time and then we’ll deal with that as we go forward the club are well aware of that situation we’re well aware of that the players are well aware of that we need to sort that out going forward.”

The Giants take on Champions St Helens at the Magic Weekend.