Super League coach gives his refreshingly honest opinion of golden point

Two teams suffered golden point heart break last weekend in games they deserved to get something from.

On Friday in a Grand Final rematch Leeds Rhinos came up short to St Helens thanks to a Lewis Dodd drop goal after Hull KR had been beaten on Thursday by a Liam Farrell try.

When Hull KR boss Willie Peters was asked about the golden point concept, he have a refreshingly honest answer:

“If you asked me on last Thursday, I would have said let’s scrap it right now.

“I don’t mind it. I like it. There’s two arguments to it. Obviously, you work hard for 80 minutes and then if there’s no result, then you get a point for it and then that point could mean a lot down the track in terms of getting you to the final.

“So you’ve worked extremely hard for that game to either come back and get a point or the position that we were in the weekend, we’re in front and then we can score at the end and they miss that goal, we’re fortunate to get a point as well. So you can look at it like that.

“The other way to look at it is it is exciting. It does bring heat, there’s pressure on players and who can ice it the best. I know field goals are the way that most teams go in Golden Point, but it is difficult to get field goals. It brings other skill elements involved that you wouldn’t normally see over 80 minutes.

“So for me, it can go either way, but I’m comfortable with it. I think it’s good spectacle.

“The teams that are still going at it after 80 minutes, you realize even that extra 10 minutes of how much fatigue sets in, it’s not great at times, I suppose, for the week after, especially if you’ve got a short turnaround.

“There’s a lot of different things to look into, but overall, I think it’s exciting for the fan that end up on the right end of the scoreboard.”