Super League coach calls for clubs to emulate American sports

Former Leigh boss Paul Rowley is very impressed by what his former team are doing.

Last night the current Salford Red Devils boss appeared on Sky Sports to provide his insight into Leigh’s clash with Wigan Warriors in the Battle of the Borough.

Though it ended up being a tough day for Leigh, Rowley underlined how impressed he is with their squad saying: “Their recruitment on the field is most impressive, last year they recruited a young team that was ambitious.

“Adrian’s son Lachlan spearheads that as well.”

However, he would also go on to praise the event itself.

For the third home game in a row, Leigh Leopards owner Derek Beaumont arranged a live band, this time in the shape of the Lottery Winners, and helped generate an amazing atmosphere.

Rowley likened it to American sports and suggested it needs to be done more in Super League:

“That is on the field but off the field it is an event.

“You only have to look at American sports to know it’s not just the on field stuff you have to put the effort into the event and the fans will oblige, they love it here, they love a party.”

Next week, Rowley’s Salford take on Leigh as part of rivals round.

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