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Super League coach admits he’s frustrated

Wakefield Trinity are doing it tough at the moment and that has culminated in a decision to swap exciting young centre Corey Hall to bring in fullback Will Dagger from Hull KR.

Addressing fan’s frustration with the news of losing a star of the future, Wakefield boss Mark Applegarth said on BBC Radio Leeds:

“Listen in an ideal world I keep Corey and I get Will Dagger in, but we’re not in an ideal world, we’re in the real world.

“I fully understand the fan’s frustration and my job as head coach of the club is to come up with solutions to options that get presented to us, and that’s what option I got presented with and I felt it was the right thing to do in terms of us getting a full-back in.

“Anyone watching our games can see that our attack has been very clunky and we’ve been lacking a bit there.

“I thought Liam Kay has done a job when he came in but he’s not a full-back and he’ll be the first one to tell you that. Then Robbie is a young kid that probably needs dipping in and out which we can’t afford to be doing at moment in time with how things are panning out so far.”

He also addressed the concerns over relegation using this to explain the decision to let go of Hall:

“Going back to the Corey Hall, I get fan’s frustration saying how we need to be building teams around him but if we don’t pick up results then Corey would be gone at the end of the year anyway, if worst case scenario came to the worst.

“Obviously it’s our future in Super League so our immediate future is insuring survival in Super League, so for Wakefield Trinity we’ve got to make sure we’re doing them decisions for the best interests of the club. Then we can start putting foundations down to move forward so we don’t find ourselves in this situation again moving forward.”

In terms of further signings, Applegarth said he understood fan frustration and said he shared it:

“I’ve tried staying out of the press and blaming injuries because I don’t like that victim mentality, I think it’s weak. But the facts are we need to get some bodies in so yeah we’ve been as proactive as we can.

“When you look out there, who do you go for? Let’s just say we had a magic pot with £100 grand in it, you can’t just say ‘we’ll go get these players’, because them players aren’t out there.

“The players that are out there are contracted to other clubs and naturally other clubs are a business themselves. They’ll do what’s right for their business, if they don’t think they can offset their loss then they won’t make that asset available.

“100% I get the fan’s frustration, I share it at times. Objectively they can rest assured that we are doing what we feel is right for Wakefield Trinity, in the short term and the long term health of the club.”

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