Super League club dreading move to new stadium

Salford Red Devils face the prospect of liquidation if action is not immediately taken by the Salford City Council and Peel.

This is because the club’s tenancy agreement at the AJ Bell Stadium is set to expire on December 1st. if and when it does, they will be in violation of IMG’s new minimum standards which if not remedied could see the club miss out on Super League positions in 2024.

The club believe that this would lead to liquidation due to the fact they would not be able to cope financially without the money that comes with Super League status.

The club have been open about their need for action explaining the council in a statement how, in the last few months alone, the club have generated more commercial interest in the stadium than any other party in the previous 3 years.

The Red Devils highlighted how: “We have brought forward discussions and agreed in principle a commercial opportunity generating considerable income streams for the Club, which can only proceed once we have received heads of terms.

“We have formulated and agreed in principle a city-wide rugby strategy, meaning every single child in the City of Salford would be able to connect with Salford Red Devils as well as our sport and the opportunities it can provide.

“We have introduced an educational partner and sub-tenant of Salford Red Devils. This now appears to have been taken away from us, with the Club now apparently unable to gain income from any potential agreement.”

The club added to the statement with the following: “The endless negotiations are unravelling an incredible amount of hard-work and opportunities generated by Salford Red Devils. We are routinely reaching for the stars, whilst simultaneously having our arms tied behind our backs.”

The club have revealed talks to move to a new stadium but they feel this as well would be a death knell for the club.

This is because they would be leaving the Salford area, their fans and their identity. Thus, even though they feel this may be their only way out, they also feel that this would also be the end.