Super League club ask fans to refrain from “personal insults and threats”

Last night Castleford Tigers released a statement to address a number of issues at the club at the moment.

One of these was the relationship with the fans and the Tigers acknowledged that it “is at a real low” but pleaded with fans to avoid “personal insults and threats.”

They stated:

“Understandably the feeling and mood amongst our fanbase is at a real low. We know that it is a difficult and frustrating time for fans, however, while we are accepting of a lot of the criticism currently aimed at the club, we would ask people to refrain from sending personal insults and threats to players and members of the club’s staff.

“The board and senior management at the club operate an open-door policy and are always available to discuss issues with supporters in person. If anyone wishes to take this up, then please contact to pass on your details and a member of staff will be in contact.

“As a group both on and off the field we are aware we are in a fight. Collectively and with the backing of our tremendous fanbase we firmly believe this is a fight we can win.

“With the changes the coaches and players are making and a couple of new additions to the squad, we believe that we will have a second half to the season that everyone can be proud of.”

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