Super League Champions St Helens forced to cancel event

In 1996, rugby league in this country entered a brave new era as they switched to summer rugby in the shape of the brand new Super League.

After years of sharing a calendar with football and rugby union, adorned by festive fixtures on Boxing Day and the New Year as well as frosty nights and even splashes of snow.

There were many fans who did not want this transition though they counted their blessings that the change didn’t lead to the controversial mergers which were tipped to come alongside this new summer era.

As Super League’s enters its 28th season in 2023 it doesn’t look like the sport will be reverting back to winter sport any time soon despite IMG’s re-imagining of the sport which could even see the competition change names.

Perhaps days like these demonstrate why.

All across the country, pitches are rock hard due to the incredibly low temperatures which cannot be fun for fans.

This has led to St Helens having to cancel a development camp which was scheduled tomorrow but they have promised that they will continue in 2023.

The club made the following statement:

“Please be advised that the Year 9 Development Camp, scheduled for tomorrow morning (Sun 11th Dec), has been cancelled due to the weather situation. We have thoroughly enjoyed the previous 4 sessions and are looking forward to future development camps in 2023.”

These events again point to why Saints have perhaps the best academy in the game.

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Roland Orzabal
Roland Orzabal
1 month ago

Terribly written!