Super League chairman slams social media abuse

Wakefield Trinity are one Super League club who has copped a lot of criticism in recent times even from their own fans.

This comes as they sit bottom of Super League having lost all four of their league games and proving unable to score.

They have also been criticised for spending money on their stadium rather than their squad.

Now Chairman John Minards has responded to this on Trinity TV.

“We’re all grown ups, we’re used to getting criticism through all my professional life that is no problem at all.

“I do follow social media certainly Twitter and I do read it and it is fine and people are absolutely entitled to their opinion on matter of Wakefield Trinity and what we’re doing.

“What they’re not entitled to do is be abusive or discriminatory language.

“People know I won’t engage in a correspondence on Twitter, that’s something I don’t do.

“The other thing I won’t deal with is people who are abusive – if you are abusive you get blocked.”

Minards should be credited for his activity on social media as he shares pictures of the developing stadium and really pushing the club on social media.

However, no one should have to deal with discrimination on social media on otherwise and Minards is quite right to stand up against this.

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