Super League Chairman says they have ‘great engagement’ on investments into club

John Minards says Wakefield Trinity’s new shareholder scheme has proved very popular.

The club invited interested parties to invest in the club on Thursday evening, with investment opportunities ranging from ‘tranches of £500’ to an ‘owner share investment of £50,000’.

“The Board and shareholders have decided this is an appropriate moment to invite interested parties to invest in the club,” the club posted on their website.

“As well as inviting those with potentially large amounts to invest, the club is intending to issue “Member shares” to supporters who may be interested in investing relatively modest amounts in tranches of £500.

“This may appeal to those who would like to feel a sense of ownership and be closer to the activities of the club than at present but are not seeking any voting participation or financial return and do not have a desire to take an active part in the running of the club.”

It’s certainly a unique approach from Trinity as they open up the club to potential fan investments, and despite a mixed reaction to the scheme online the club’s Chairman has tweeted an update.

On Friday afternoon, Minards took to Twitter and said: “Already got great engagement on this. Just about to drop in to the shop for a few hours. Will be happy to chat if you are passing”

It’s certainly an interesting time at Wakefield with this new investment scheme coinciding with the development of the club’s stadium, Belle Vue, as Trinity build for the future ahead of rugby league’s IMG era.

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