Super League agent reveals which club will host Luke Gale’s testimonial

Testimonials are a great element of rugby league honouring a player’s service to the game and highlighting the community element of the game with proceeds being raised for a range of charities selected by the respective players.

Super League agent Craig Harrison, of Show Me The Money, has recently helped facilitate the signing of Luke Gale for Keighley acting as Gale’s agent and he’s spoken about the great respect Gale carries within the game among his former clubs.

Speaking on the Show Me The Money Youtube channel has denied that Super League clubs didn’t sign Gale due to off-field character issues and claimed former clubs all love his character and attitude.

“Somebody said to me ‘he’s become troubled has Luke Gale, that’s why a lot of Super League clubs haven’t gone for him’ and I wonder where they get it from. Luke Gale could go to any of his former clubs and be well respected by every single person at the club.

“He can walk into Hull tomorrow, he held the team together half of the season. Emotionally he was the one who the chairman and the CEO were asking to keep the lads together when they were going through the bad times.”

Gale left Hull FC after a mixed season on the field and ultimately wasn’t retained and instead released as part of a shake-up that also saw Jordan Johnstone, Marcus Walker and Aidan Burrell released.

He’d found success two seasons prior at Leeds helping them to win the Challenge Cup in 2020 in part due to his winning drop-goal and Harrison claims Leeds is where Gale heralds the most respect.

“He can walk back into Leeds tomorrow and by the way that’s why we’ve got the testimonial game to announce. Luke will get the testimonial with Leeds because of the respect they’ve got for him, that tells you what they think about him at Leeds.

“They asked him to play in the New Zealand game in the friendly (prior to the World Cup) they wanted him back as they didn’t like the way it ended. The only person he had cross words with at Leeds was Richard Agar, that was a personality clash between two people.

“He can walk back to Bradford, they love him. People have asked me why he didn’t sign for Castleford but they’d already done their recruiting. If you ask the players, tweet Adam Milne and Paul McShane if they’d have him back and they’d have him back tomorrow.”

Earlier in the podcast Harrison had also hinted a different route that Gale could go down following his stint with Keighley.

“I think he’s achieved everything he wanted to do but there might be one last dance. I know we’d talked about him going into coaching, it’s something he wants to do and he also wants to follow a media career. He wants to get involved with Sky and BBC, he wants to talk about the game, he’s interested in the game so he’s got a few things he can pursue alongside the dream of taking Keighley as high as he can. There’s still a dance left in Luke for me.”

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