WATCH: Street violence mars build-up to Tonga v Samoa

There have been numerous clashes between Tongan and Samoan league fans on the streets of Otahuhu ahead of Saturday’s World Cup match.

Tensions rose when a young man posted a Facebook photo burning the Samoan flag, sparking a mass brawl that initially blocked a South Auckland street.

Footage on social media showed groups of youths draped in their national flags challenging each other, before the mass brawl broke out.

Four people were arrested on Tuesday and the violence continued on Wednesday night, with sporting legends from both Pacific Nations calling for peace ahead of the weekend’s encounter.

Tongan winger Manu Vatuvei posted on his Instagram: “I know there is a lot of celebrations and excitement for the game but it’s ruined by people taking it too far. Yes be proud but as islanders we always been taught to respect other and be humble.”

Samoan half-back Joseph Paulo added: “There’s a special bond between the Pacific Islanders, and that’s something we want to share and celebrate on Saturday night. Keep being loud, but maintain the peace and keep loving each other.”

Latest videos released show a gang of Samoan supporters surrounding and smashing the windows of a vehicle, while someone is attacked. Despite this, the majority of people had been trying to defuse the situation.

Manukau West Police area commander Naila Hassan, said: “We urge supporters to be respectful of the community, local businesses and residents at all times when out in public.

“Overall, supporters have been well behaved, but the actions of a small number of people have been disappointing.”

The video below has been taken from Facebook. You can see the latest violence a third of the way through.

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