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Stevo says this side should be in Super League

Mike ‘Stevo’ Stephenson has pushed against IMG’s suggestion to get rid of the Magic Weekend.

Stevo, a former Sky Sports commentator, questioned the decision and suggested that in the NRL they would have a strong and thriving Newcastle team built on the Magic Weekend.

“I just can’t believe that people who are running IMG, who are supposed to be the guidelines of our future, can just say we don’t want it [the Magic Weekend],” he said on the Eddie and Stevo podcast.

“If the Australians did exactly the same thing they would back a Newcastle team and I’m talking about back them with money. Make sure they get there.”

He went on to suggestion that because Super League is summer rugby, Newcastle could thrive off football fans.

“We know it’s difficult because they’re mad soccer up there, we understand that, but if you give them time people will start to come.

“Remember we play in the summer, so what do the soccer teams and supporters do? Well, we’ll go and watch Newcastle rugby league.”

He compared it to the past with London Broncos and Charlton:

“I can remember years ago when the London Broncos were playing at Charlton and they were just on the verge of making a season ticket so you could watch both.

“They were just about to launch it and Charlton got promoted to the top tier and of course the top tier said you can’t have two teams playing on that pitch, so sadly they had to go elsewhere.

“But that’s the type of thing we have to be looking at. Trouble is where are we going to get the money from?”

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