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Stevo says Super League side “are doomed”

On Sunday we are set to see a fixture everyone thought would be a relegation four-pointer but at present Leigh Leopards are six points clear of Wakefield Trinity in Super League and a win could make it eight points.

It is a huge game for Wakefield who are four points adrift at the bottom of the league.

Former Sky Sports commentator Mike ‘Stevo’ Stephenson believes the club are dooomed and that they could be the last team to get relegated:

“I think they are doomed. It’s sad but there’s a lot of things going on and we have to go back to IMG again, because maybe IMG have come up with something because I feel that what they want is to get rid of relegation and promotion,” he said on the Eddie and Stevo podcast.

“It would be sad to see Wakefield go and be relegated and yet the following year they’ll probably say ‘we’ve got to go by this system that IMG have brought out’. I say that it could be the fact that Wakefield could be the last team to be relegated.

“Now I’m not saying that IMG are going to say that we won’t have relegation and if anybody wants to improve and come into Super League, then they’ve got to make sure they’ve got the finance there, they’ve got the players there etc and so forth.”

It remains to be seen what exactly will happen with IMG and relegation.

The vote on their proposals takes place next week on the 19th.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. BNK

    April 15, 2023 at 2:49 pm

    The same old arguments killing the game IMG or anybody else…Promotion and relegation argument papers over the cracks of a game which has its favourites and uses the licensing system to allow the teenagers to annihilate the young kids on the local park and then bask in the glory. The game is run for the rich clubs only

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