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What Derek Beaumont said to receive major RFL punishment

Leigh Leopards owner Derek Beaumont

This week Leigh Leopards owner Derek Beaumont was hit with a fine alongside Warrington Wolves, Salford Red Devils and Bradford Bulls Chairmen.

You may be wondering why Beaumont was hit with a fine from the Rugby Football League. Well. after a defeat to Wigan Warriors, Beaumont was caught on camera bemoaning a number of things.

This included the officiating among other things as he suggested that he would leave the sport or create a rival competition.

Beaumont was quoted saying: “All we can talk about again is the referee,” as he criticised the disallowing of an Oliver Gildart try which would have given the Leopards fourth spot and a home play off game. Instead they went away to Hull KR and lost missing out on a first ever semi-final spot.

He added: “I’ve got a guy, a guy down there who is in charge of a group of players and to me, like I see the work that goes in week in week out from them, from all the coaching staff, the medical staff.

“I see the work they put in, I see the weights they lift, I see the metres they run, I see the wrestle they do, I see the contact they put into each other.

“I see how much it means to them and I see how much they care about everybody in this room, then I see one person go (mimics no try signal) with a signal like that, that’s incorrect, and rob them and you lot of being able to watch us play at home next week and that isn’t right.

“We’ve all got kids and there’s kids in here and I definitely wouldn’t call them kids because they’re big grown tough men and athletes, but they’re my kids. I treat them like my family and they fight hard for me.

“I feel hurt when they get abused and I’ve seen it too many times now, and I don’t care if anyone’s filming it because I’ve told the RFL clean and square.”

In response to these comments which were certainly made in the heat of the moment, but they have still drawn the response of former Sky Sports commentator Stevo.

“Well, he’s certainly got the money to be able to have a gripe,” he said on the Eddie and Stevo pdocast.

“Throughout the history of our game, we’ve always blamed the referees. It’s as simple as that. This is nothing new.

“We’ve always had problems with referees because of one thing, they’re human beings. So what do they try to do? They bring in technology.

“Technology is supposed to eliminate any problems, but sometimes you can’t see. You haven’t got 48 cameras from different angles. Sometimes it’s difficult for the video referee to make a decision.

“I think we should keep the technology. I don’t like what they do in Australia where they’ve got a captain’s challenge. I think that slows the game down. They do it on purpose. If they say 10 points in front, that they use that as a ploy to get a little bit of a rest for the players. I don’t like that.

“We brought in the technology, and the technology has been able to save so many tries especially with the changing of the touching the corner flag.

“Now, how many tries would be allowed or disallowed if we didn’t have the technology to see whether it got that ball down inside the line on the outside or the goal line it’s as simple as that.”

Despite the criticism, Beaumont has shown on many occasions that he could be one of the best owners in rugby league and has shown that again getting involved with local club Leigh Miners and their youth teams.

He has sponsored their new kit with a sleeve patch on kits across the club.

He said on social media: “AB Sundecks Ltd will take a sleeve patch on every team boys and girls throughout the whole age range please contact proud to be able to support grass roots RL the lifeblood of our game as much as we are a prestigious competition and elite level SL club.”

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