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Stevo fearful that complicated situation could stand in the way of rugby league’s next TV deal

IMG are set to step in and re-imagine rugby league.

Their grading criteria has already been voted in by the majority of clubs however it didn’t all go according to plan with some clubs abstaining incorrectly.

This left former Sky Sports commentator Stevo confused:

“I’m confused about what on earth clubs are doing in regards to the meeting with IMG,” he said on the Eddie and Stevo podcast.

“Some wanted to pull out, others have changed their mind, others didn’t vote. Why on earth do they allow anybody to say they don’t want to vote?

“How can you have a club abstain?”

He also slammed the fact that Catalans Dragons and Toulouse Olympique didn’t get a vote:

“Don’t you think that’s stupid? In other words they can’t vote to have anything to do with it but they’ll be impacted by it. It’s daft. It’s an embarrassment to our game.”

He ultimately feels that the sport’s future could go either way and that the time it is taking to get this information could see the sport struggle to get a new TV deal: “I’m searching in my pocket for a coin, heads we go forwards, tails we go backwards.

“I cannot believe we’re messing around all this thing because to my mind I don’t think we have a TV contract in the future.

“That’s madness! What on earth are we allowing IMG to do?”

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