Stevo claims that Super League clubs could be about to leave their stadiums because of IMG

IMG are making big changes to the sport by putting a focus on the off field stuff rather than just allowing on field success to determine promotion and relegation.

Considered among the grading criteria will be attendances and former Sky Sports commentators Eddie Hemmings and Stevo have said on their podcast that this could see clubs move out of football stadiums which includes the likes of Wigan Warriors and Hull FC.

“Evidently it’s a percentage of what the capacity of your ground is filled and I’m just wondering if the Super League clubs might move,” Stevo said.

“I mentioned London, they may move to another ground which only holds 4,000 so they’ll have a higher percentage and means they could get in.

“They’d only need a 1,000 people that come on a regular basis and they will be classified against your Wigans and St Helens and so forth.

“Maybe I’m confused but I think confused is how a lot of rugby league fans are right now.”

Eddie then added: “The paying public now needs to know what’s going on.”

Super League clubs will be awarded a dummy grade towards the end of this season so that they can begin to prepare for the new system and make the changes they need to gain a higher grade.

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