Stevo claims club could “never get back” to Super League if relegated

Things are finally looking positive for Wakefield Trinity for the first time in weeks.

They picked up their first win of the season against Leeds Rhinos.

They are still facing the prospect of relegation.

Speaking on the concept of relegation, former Sky Sports commentator said:

“That brings me to the problem of should we have relegation and promotion.

“The one thing about it is that if you’re not relegated, it can give you the opportunity to then start and build up junior development, etc. and so forth, and build for the future, and not panic buy to escape relegation.

“That’s what we’ve been doing in the UK for so, so many years. I mean, how many Australians have we found coming over halfway through the season just to avoid relegation? Now, to me, that’s not advancing our game at all.

“Why don’t we have 14 teams? Why don’t we allow Wakefield to have a brand new stadium etc and so forth? Why don’t we allow them to stay and give them a chance to build?

“Featherstone will have to do exactly the same thing.”

He fears that Wakefield could never return to Super League if they get relegated:

“I mean if Wakefield have to just try to come back and maybe they will try next season if they are relegated, it could see the decline of the club to such an extent that they’ll never get back to Super League.”