Steve Price “hurting” from Castleford display and explains reason to start Clark on the bench

It was meant to be the start of big things for Warrington in 2021, but the Wolves went down 21-12 to Castleford in a performance that Steve Price was seriously unhappy with.

“It wasn’t the start we were looking for to be honest with you – it hasn’t been a reflection how we’ve carried ourselves in pre-season.

“We’ll get some valuable lessons out of today, but I thought defensively we weren’t hitting the markers that we set ourselves, our tackle control was far inferior to them.

“It snowballed into other areas of our games, I thought we showed some good parts of the game, but we weren’t consistent.”

“I wanted everyone to do their job collectively and we didn’t do that today, we’ve got to be patient.

“There’s been a big change in our team with what we’ve been working on, but it wasn’t displayed today and that hurts today from a coaching perspective.”

Price also explained his decision to leave Daryl Clark on the bench and start with Danny Walker at hooker.

“Daz has missed a bit of pre-season, but Danny has been solid throughout – bringing Daz off the bench with his dynamic running meant we were supposed to be in good shape.

“Rob Mulhern gave us some good impact off the bench too.”

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