Stars refuse to get COVID vaccine

The Australian has reported that a number of NRL stars are refusing to get the COVID vaccine.

Among them are Canberra’s Josh Papalii, whilst others are becoming increasingly apprehensive.

Queensland Origin star Tino Fa’asuamaleaui said he wasn’t too sure about the side effects.

“I don’t know, I hadn’t really thought about it too much,” the Gold Coast forward said when asked if he would get vaccinated.

“It is a bit scary hearing all the bad things that have happened to people. It is scary but I guess if we need to get it done then we need to get it done to be able to do things and get back to normal.

“It’s a hard one to answer. (We need) more information to make sure everything’s going to be all right. That’s the main thing for me, more information to make sure everything will go well.”

Brisbane playmaker was also unsure about the inoculation.

“There’s a whole heap of politics around that so I’m not sure myself,” Milford said.

“I’m just worried about us playing and keeping the comp on track.”

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