Star who incredibly chose suspension instead of fine attempts to reverse decision

Parramatta Eels second-rower Ryan Matterson is stuck in a strange situation where he is scheduled to miss the opening three matches of the upcoming season because he chose a ban over a fine.

It isn’t rare to see players get suspended for dangerous play, in fact we see bans dished out in rugby league regularly, but what is rare is a player choosing to opt for a suspension instead of a set fine.

This is incredibly what Matterson chose after a crusher tackle on young talent Dylan Edwards in the NRL Grand Final saw him faced with either a $4000 fine or a three-match suspension.

Matterson, to the astonishment of the rugby league world, accepted a three-game ban which received a heavy backlash from many. It was the the first real instance in modern history in which an elite level NRL player has opted to keep the cash and sacrifice minutes on the pitch.

However, some two months after that initial decision both Matterson and his club are now trying to reverse the decision and have launched an objection to try and remove the suspension.

The Eels are citing an unfair turnaround time for Matterson’s plea as his reason for the confusing decision. They claim that he received just 24 hours after the game to make the plea, and that was a day wrought with emotions at a fan event commiserating over their Grand Final loss.

The Telegraph reports that the Eels asked for this period to be extended until Tuesday, however only two hours were provided. Matterson had been steadfast in his decision at the time but has clearly changed his mind since.

“I just feel that $4000 is pretty hefty considering I’ve already paid close to $4000 in fines this year for things that are absurd,” Matterson said at the time.

“At the end of the day I have personal things I need to worry about outside of rugby league. I just didn’t think it was warranted. If you do something wrong at work, they don’t take money off you.

“It’s always hard. I love playing. It’s something I spoke to the club about before I made the decision.”

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