Star Super League forward sheds light on contract situation

Matty English has given his thoughts on their exciting squad for this season and the impact of Ian Watson.

Speaking to Serious About Rugby League at the Super League launce event in Manchester, the Huddersfield prop said: “But I tell you what there’s some competition. I would not want to be Ian picking his 1-17 for the first game, especially in the pack but in every position. I feel like we’ve got depth all over the park, which is really good for the club but as a player you know that you have to be on your game and you know you can have no training days off which is only going to breed competition and hopefully turn that into wins.”

Earlier this offseason, Jake Connor said “I think we have a great squad going into this year. Probably if you look across the league, it’s probably the best squad when you actually look at it so I think we’ve got a real chance this year”.

Matty English gave his thoughts on his new teammates comment, saying: “I think it’s bold but you’d be stupid to disagree with [Jake Connor]. I think it’s easy to say without a ball being kicked though like I said earlier nothing’s won on paper. I feel we need to back it up though with some good performances and anything can go and I think it’s about time someone else won a Grand Final”.

Matty English has spent his whole career at the Giants, and he has shared how the leadership of the John Smith’s Stadium have changed the fortunes of the club since the appointment of Ian Watson in late 2020.

“My early days at the club coming into the first team I don’t think we weren’t very successful at all. But now under Watto there’s a new lease of life and I feel like we’re back up there where we should be” said English.

Going from the “early days” to present day, English gave an update on his future with the exciting forward in the final year of his current deal:

“Back of the mind, I’m going to leave my agent and the Giants to do the talking. There’s a deadline in the middle of the year with what Huddersfield want to do.

“I am probably in the best shape of my career going into a season so I’m concentrating on my rugby and getting ready for a big year.”

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