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Star signed himself up for Alcoholics Anonymous after hitting ‘rock bottom’

Canberra Raiders star Curtis Scott has admitted he has hit “rock bottom” in his rugby league career.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Scott has revealed he signed himself up to Alcoholics Anonymous and underwent psychiatric treatment in a bid to improve his current state.

Scott was charged with the assault of a man in a Canberra nightclub, which led to a $15,000 fine and three-game ban, but the centre hasn’t featured since round 12.

The 23-year-old’s future at the Raiders is still uncertain, but, for now, Scott is trying all he can to salvage his rugby league career.

“I’ve been to the lowest of the lows,” Scott said.

“You can’t get any lower. It was as dark as it gets.”

“I’d had enough of feeling sh*t.

“I probably haven’t been happy for five years.”

“I’ve had enough of letting myself and other people down.

“I sourced it all (AA) on my own. I had to look into the mirror and do this myself.

“The reason I did drink was to try to escape the living hell. The pressure and the outside noise. I turned to alcohol to give myself a break and escape my problems.”

Scott documented just what he has been doing in a bid to improve his position.

“I’ve been going for about six weeks, for about an hour-and-a-half each meeting (via Zoom).

“It’s good hearing similar stories and what alcohol can do to your life. I’ve been listening and sharing and I’m getting more confident.

“I don’t think they even know I’m the footballer. They don’t say anything.

“We’re all the same in the meetings. Everyone goes there at rock bottom and no one’s there to judge. You hear older people who have committed to the program and they’ve stayed sober for so long.

“I’m getting a lot out of it. I just want to be happy.”

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