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Star apologises to parents following COVID breach

St George Illawarra fullback Matt Dufty has apologised to his parents for breaching the NSW public health order and the NRL’s biosecurity protocols, has revealed.

Dufty was one of 13 Dragons players who joined a barbecue at Paul Vaughan’s house, and that left his parents worrying about where his career would go following Anthony Griffin’s decision not to extend the fullback’s contract.

“My mum and dad were very disappointed in my decision, which I was as well,” Dufty said.

“Mum and dad raised me to be better than that and I hadn’t signed anywhere at the time. They were more upset with me putting my future at risk and letting everyone down, and kind of embarrassing everyone they know as well.

“Kids are a reflection of their parents and obviously I had to apologise to my mum and dad, but they know that is not me. I let a lot of people down and mum and dad are just a few of them.”

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