St Helens record heavy financial losses for 2021 as do Wigan Warriors

On Monday it was revealed that Wigan Warriors suffered substantial financial losses for the 2021 financial year as they had an operating loss of £1.7 million.

Now, Super League Champions St Helens have followed suit with an operating loss of £1.6 million themselves in 2021.

This followed a £1.2 million operating loss in 2020 showing that despite leading the way on the field with four consecutive Super League titles, the Saints are not immune to the financial problems catalysed by the pandemic.

Super League clubs have suffered a lot in the wake of the pandemic which massively impacted the 2020 and 2021 Super League seasons.

For started, for huge portions of both seasons there were no fans in attendance meaning limited match day revenue which didn’t fully subside until the end of 2021.

This came after a gradual return of fans to stadiums mid way through 2021.

Thus these operating losses are no surprise and show just how hard clubs have worked to ensure the future of their sides in Super League and indeed the competition as a whole as the argument could be made that Super League needs St Helens and Wigan to be a success especially in the wake of Bradford Bulls financial problems which still sees them consigned to the Championship headed into 2023.

It is likely both clubs will not suffer such losses for the 2022 season.

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