St Helens hero Leon Pryce on the biggest problem in Super League and rugby league at present

If a rugby league athlete is at the top of their game, it is usually the NRL that beckons.

Back in Leon Pryce’s day, however, when he reached the pinnacle of his game at St Helens in the noughties, that wasn’t the case.

But, a number of things, according to the man himself, has made it so Super League is now attempting to catch up to the southern hemisphere.

Pryce pointed to the issue of money as well as exposure compared to Australia and why the sport in the UK must expand to catch up.

“You’ve got to remember our best players are down there,” Pryce told the Catflap Chat podcast.

“The salary cap is a lot bigger down there than it is here and I think Aussie rules, cricket and rugby league are their main sports.

“In Sydney, rugby league is on the front and back of the newspapers – they are all superstars.

“Over here it is mainly a northern game, on the M62 corridor played between Hull and Liverpool.

“It’s a very northern game and that’s the problem that we have most to expand the game for more people to view it.

“It’s a great game but we need more viewers.”

Pryce himself has been key in trying to expand that viewership, taking on punditry roles with Premier Sports and Channel 4.

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