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Sonny Bill Williams in drink-driving incident that almost cost him his life

If there is one thing you can always count on Sonny Bill Williams to be, it is honest.

Throughout his career, Williams has hit the headlines for his incredible talent, but also his hectic life away from the field.

In his recent groundbreaking autobiography, labelled Sonny Bill Williams: You Can’t Stop the Sun from Shining, the former New Zealand cross-code international bared his heart and soul in an incredible memoir and insight into the life of an icon.

As a rising NRL star, Williams – who also fought as a professional boxer – revealed he turned to smoking and sleeping tablets to deal with the pressure.

That pressure was especially gruelling after a 2005 drink-driving incident saw Williams being thrust into the limelight to make a public apology.

“Suddenly, I was a public figure,” he writes. “How is a shy boy supposed to cope with that? That’s not in the script either. And I had no one to guide me.

“So I found my own ways to deal with it. By having a smoke before I went out or a couple of sleeping tablets to relax me. I was trying to take the fear away.”

“One time I went on a bender that lasted from Friday night to Monday morning.

“The only reason I came home is I knew I had a surgery appointment at 11am. I don’t remember anything about the operations except waking up having my girlfriend crying next to the bed and the doc really gave it to me, telling me I had so many drugs in my system I could have died.”

Williams has recently been challenged to a two-fight series by former Cronulla Sharks captain Paul Gallen which would see both competitors bag $4 million each.

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