Sky Sports pundits say Leeds unlucky as they point out unfortunate role played by official in match winning try

Last night Scott Taylor proved the match winner against Leeds Rhinos but many believed that Taylor should have been punished when he rolled the leg of Richie Myler after tackling the Leeds fullback.

Sky Sports’ Barrie McDermott wasn’t a fan of the tackle:

“He doesn’t like the attention Richie Myler, he is still going at Scott Taylor.

“When the tackle is made, there is an accusation of a twist or a tweak around the foot.

“He has done his best to get there, has got hold of a leg. Does he take an extra twist? Now Scott Taylor, I am not sure that is in his game but I don’t like the look of that.”

Nonetheless, there was no penalty or card and Taylor soon got himself over for a match winning try through sheer will but in the eyes of Jon Wilkin it didn’t matter:

“There’s loads of ways to score a rugby league try. Some are creative, some are pretty, but not this one. That was sheer will, strength of carry.”

Analysing the try, Wilkin and McDermott pointed out that referee Jack Smith made things difficult for the Leeds getting in the way of Cameron Smith as he prepared to tackle TaylorL

“The mistake here is Cam Smith and the referee, he is confused, discombobulated by Jack Smith.

“Jack Smith get out the way, but Scott Taylor isn’t bothered.”

After the game though Phil Clarke heaped the praise on former Rhino Brad Dwyer for his role in the match winner against his former side:

“People criticise Brad Dwyer for over complicating things, but he delivers a very nice soft pace on the ball and Scott Taylor hits and spins in the tackle and a lower leg drive allows him to get over for a vital try.”

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