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Sky Sports pundits push back against “ridiculous” suggested rule change

Last night on Sky Sports the likes of Brian Carney, Jon Wells and Jon Wilkin discussed if winning was the be all and end all or if there needs to be an entertainment factor in rugby league.

Wells really pushed for the excitement level but Jon Wilkin focused on the nuance of the sport.

He said: “Ideally you do both, sport is entertainment. So in a perfect world you would like to entertain and win but the brutal reality of sport is sometimes the more dower approach is more effectively, statistically it is more rewarding, less risk more reward.

“That is a sad reflection on the game. For me I like to see teams attack but risk and reward but Leeds are a risky team but they aren’t outscoring teams or blowing them away. They aren’t scoring many points yet.”

When it was put to him that there could be a rule change that would reward more creative tries, akin to the two-point field goal in the NRL for a shot from 40 metres out, Wilkin said:

“It is ridiculous. I just think you can play an attractive brand, skill is rewarded either way. We’re talking about scoring tries, I love watching the grind, physicality, violence is controlled, aggression.

“We are saying tries are entertainment but I like the nuance.”

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