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Sky Sports pundits explain why Wigan Warriors are “pioneering” in a way no other side are

Recently on Sky Sports we have seen something new from Wigan Warriors.

They have given Sky extra access to their preparations and approach to games and this led Leeds Rhinos legend Jamie Jones-Buchanan to describe the club as “pioneering.”

“That’s what I love about Wigan, they are pioneering, they give us that access into what goes on behind the scenes.

“Life is a big narrative, people love stories, let’s share those stories with people who come and pay the money to come watch the game.

“They are the future for me. It isn’t a race to the bottom, or being better than other clubs, it is about being as good as they can be.”

Meanwhile, Jon Wells provided further understanding about what Wigan provided them with:

“They have offered us a window into the game week. In short Matt Peet has shared with me the game plan for Wigan.

“He didn’t want to share opposition specific stuff because he felt that was disrespectful but what he relayed to his players in the dressing room I will relay to you.”

Despite all of this praise, Buchanan did question Wigan’s strategy and organisation:

“I think if you break down the game into three areas, Wigan pass the skill level with flying colours, nine out of 10, great skill and great athleticism.

“Their resilience and fortitude, their philosophical approach, I think they’re nine out of 10 there as well. They’re going to out defend team, kick long and chase hard.

“Where they struggle for me, is their strategy. They’re only a five or six for me. I don’t see much reason in what they’re trying to do or why. It’s almost bland. They have enough firepower and individual brilliance to get by.

“I don’t think there is enough there in attack. I think they are lacking confidence.”

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