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Sky Sports pundit Jon Wilkin unhappy with new referee clampdown

Lately, the sport of rugby league has been going through a transformation period in terms of foul play and head shots.

The powers that be have decided to clamp down furiously on both, brandishing red and yellow cards to all and sundry in a bid to clean up the game.

However, for Sky Sports pundit Jon Wilkin, it has not been without fault.

“What we’ve seen in the opening rounds of Super League is a lot of players are getting banned and a lot of incidents that weren’t deemed as illegal are now being called illegal and cards are being given of the back of it,” Wilkin told the Out Of Your League podcast.

“Where is this coming from to make the game is safer? Rugby is inherently dangerous – UFC is dangerous do we see them reforming their laws?

“Rugby league is a violent and dangerous sport, if you’re going to play you’re going to get hurt.

“If you’re going to send your kids to rugby they will bleed, they will need operations, they will break an arm or a leg and they’re going to get knocked out, that’s a fact.

“So what we’re trying to do is remove all the risk, but there is an element that is the fabric of the sport.”

Wilkin was also keen to stress about where the line is drawn in terms of stifling the product on the field.

“I’m all for protecting players’ safety but it’s just where the responsibility lies.

“Do we let medics and lawyers dictate how a game looks going forward? If we’re trying to cover up for litigation down the track where does that stop?

“Rugby league is never going to be safe – we’re taking away the main things that we think might get us in trouble in court and cleaning it up but it’s got to be good to watch.”

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