Sky Sports pundit Jon Wells produces damning evidence against Jamie Acton and Oliver Wilkes

Sky Sports pundit Jon Wells has given his own angle on the latest revelations given by former Super League and Championship forwards Jamie Acton and Oliver Wilkes.

Both Acton and Wilkes have been outspoken on the issue of doping in rugby league in recent weeks, with the former releasing numerous Instagram videos on the subject and the latter giving a tell-all interview on ITV.

The duo professed that doping in rugby league is a huge issue and that it is more commonplace than what people believe.

However, Sky Sports pundit Jon Wells has produced damning evidence against those claims in an impassioned interview.

“I’ve spent the last 25 years in this game as a player, a pundit and an administrator and what has been peddled by Oliver Wilkes and Jamie Acton for me is a false narrative,” Wells told Sky Sports.

“I’ll provide some context to this; 2021 the UK Anti-Doping conducted over 600 tests in rugby league and returned one positive for performance enhancing drugs that was for the growth hormone releasing peptide.

“That was the retest of the 2014 sample for Jamie Acton which kicked all this off – so 0.1% is not right for me.”

Super League owners also apparently met to discuss the issue yesterday.

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nigel scott
nigel scott
7 months ago

we went through all this nonsense years ago when a Warrington player got a huge story in news of the world claim players taking drugs on team got him his moment of fame but stories turned out to be false,I strongly believe rugby league is clean