Sky Sports presenter has on potential Kevin Sinfield knighthood

By now the images and videos of the incredible moment that Kevin Sinfield and Rob Burrow completed the Leeds Marathon have been seen worldwide.

It was an incredibly emotional moment to watch so for those there it must have been truly special.

Sinfield pushed his best mate Burrow around the 26.2 mile course for the first ever Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon, but stopped yards shy of the line to carry his friend and former teammate over.

He’s now revealed what the reason behind that was and it’s not just because he wanted to share that emotional moment with his mate in his arms.

“As soon as I knew this was going ahead and I knew we were going to push him, I thought if he’s fit and able try and get him to walk over, and clearly it’s been a big day for him.

“It was only right we went over together. I didn’t want him beating me, if he had gone over in the chair in front of me he would have got a faster time so it meant we got the same time.”

Sinfield carried his mate across the line so as not to get beaten highlighting that competitive brotherhood that still exists between the pair, something he’d earlier alluded to when describing the day.

“It’s been incredible; we’ve had a real laugh. Certainly the best thing I’ve done in my life. I think to do it with him and see the support, the impact he’s had on so many people has been amazing.”

It was the most recent of Sinfield’s incredible challenges aimed at raising money and awareness for MND and for the building of a new MND centre in Leeds, but it was one that Burrow was “desperate” to partake in.

“I know how much it meant to him. I know that with the other challenges over the last couple of years, he’s been desperate to get involved but we’ve just not had the means to be able to do it and be able look after him properly.”

Now Sky Sports presenter Jenna Brooks has said she is sure Sinfield will be officially made Sir Kev before long.

“When he was on the pitch he was called Sir Kev and I do think that one day, after all he has done for MND, he will be knighted.”

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