“Shocking” – Huddersfield Giants fans furious after 32 minute game

On Friday night, Wigan Warriors may have gone top of the league but the big story down the road at Leigh Leopards as they battled Huddersfield Giants.

Leading 16-12 with 48 minutes gone, the game was plunged into darkness after a floodlight failure.

After 55 minutes of trying rectify the situation, the game was abandoned and continued today with the Giants losing the 32 minute spell 18-4.

It is safe to say, Huddersfield fans were not happy.

One saw the funny side of it all.

Others though slammed the “waste of time.”

One fan was not happy that they had travelled all that way to see the Giants lose 18-4 in 32 minutes.

The Giants had previously expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision to start the game from the 48th minute with the following statement:

“Leigh Leopards v Huddersfield Giants is set be continued from where it left off on Friday night after the game was abandoned when the lights failed in Leigh.

“The RFL have come to the decision that the game will be restarted where it left off, on 15:00 on Sunday the 3rd of September. The Huddersfield Giants do not agree with the decision.”

Huddersfield Chief Executive Richard Thewlis commented.

“We Initially sympathise with all at the Leigh Sports Village for the difficult and unforeseen scenario that unfolded last night that now results in them having to turn the stadium around and go again in such a short space of time which we know is a tremendously difficult task given the decision of the RFL board.

“That said the Giants do not believe that the RFL board have arrived at the right decision and believe that the full game should have been replayed.

“Whilst we accept the difficulties that they have faced, this decision made by them is unprecedented in the history of the game. We have asked about an appeal against this decision but are told there is no mechanism to do so within the rules.

“Thus the matter is dead and the focus must turn to the logistics of tomorrow which are being worked on by many people and when we are able to firm those up and communicate them we will, of course, do so.”