“She told me to come back” – Bevan French reveals heart warming motivation for today’s cup final after the passing of his mother

Winning a piece of silverware is always special but especially for Bevan French today.

It’s been a tough 12 months for the versatile back but he conjured up a huge moment today creating a lovely try for Jai Field at the start of the second half.

Last year his season was cruelly ended prematurely by injury before he had to deal with the loss of his mum and he explained just how emotional he was after the game: “It’s pretty surreal, over the moon with it all. It’s crazy, the crowd, the atmosphere, the way we won as well, just crazy.”

He went on to recall a meeting in the squad about their motivations going into the final noting how “deep” he and his teammates got into it: “Yeah it is. Everyone within the squad spoke about what a win would mean to them and everyone spoke about helping the club but everyone got on a real personal level and what it would mean to themselves. A lot of them got deep and that was it for me.”

For him it was all about his mum and he explained that before she passed away she told him to return to Wigan and produce a moment like this: “The last 12 months have been tough and today it all led down to this moment. It doesn’t seem real. Me and my mum spoke about these moments when she was still here. She told me to come back and contribute to winning some silverware for Wigan because of the way they supported me in this period.”

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