Shaun Wane says some players “need to improve”

Shaun Wane named a 40-man England ahead of this weekend’s clash with France.

However, surprisingly Wane has said he wants even more players to pick from.

He said on the RFL’s YouTube channel:

“If I’m being honest I want more, I want tougher decisions when I’m picking my team. I want eight halves, I want 20 front-rowers, young lads who are firing into teams and that’s what I want.

“I want more, I’ll never be happy but the squad I picked and the age when they get to 2025 for the World Cup means a lot of them will be at their best. That’s really encouraging for us.

“It’s credit to Super League owners, chairman and CEOs to provide me with so many good players.”

He also explained his thoughts on what he has seen in Super League this year saying that he has seen some players who need to improve:

“I’ve watched some really really good games and good habits. I’ve seen some that need to improve.

“I thought the Easter period apart from the Hull game, I thought was fantastic for the game. The crowds on the back of a half-decent World Cup it’s exciting and the talent we saw was great.

“We’ve seen some great games but we need to improve. I’m meeting all the players with a message that what we’re doing is really good but we need better.

“I’m looking at Samoa in the semi-final, looking at France in ’25 and we need to be better. We need to hit harder, we need to run, we need better skill and the players are going to relish that. They’re going to relish the pressure.”

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