Shaun Wane reveals the one thing that makes him lose his temper with players

Shaun Wane has made a reputation for himself over the years as being one of the toughest coaches in the game.

With the ability to steer his previous Wigan Warriors side to three Grand Final wins and one Challenge Cup victory, Wane more than laid a marker down as a coach.

But, with that also came a tough exterior – something which made outsiders believe made Wane a short-tempered figure, but that couldn’t be further from the truth according to the man himself.

“People think I’m really bad-tempered, but I don’t get angry and I don’t swear – that much,” Wane told the Back 2 Business podcast.

“I’ve never sworn at a player and made it personal and I’ve told my players not to do that to me too or the’yd be gone.”

The current England boss, however, does have one major bugbear when it comes to his players.

“The one thing that makes me lose my temper is a lack of effort.

“If I see somebody or a group of people not trying their best or putting in the effort, that’s when I have a problem.

“If you see someone who knows exactly what they are doing and they are not doing it, that’s unforgivable.

“If I see our team down at half-time with a lack of effort I address it – you need to get players to sit up and take note.”

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