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Shaun Wane reveals brutal bombshell

He’s made a name for himself as one of the toughest rugby league characters, but when you listen to how Shaun Wane passed the years during childhood, there’s no wonder why.

The former Wigan Warriors head coach won three Super League Grand Finals in his time at the helm and has now returned to the club in a leadership role following a stint in rugby union.

But, Wane has revealed just how much of a lifesaver rugby actually was during a difficult period.

“It was a tough escape, everyday was a bit of a battle and challenge and you couldn’t go anywhere without having to look after yourself,” Wane told the Back 2 Business podcast.

“I was brought up with a dad who used to take me and my brother on a piece of grass outside our house to play rugby and nobody could lose – it was brutal.

“We ended up fighting every time because we were both very competitive.

“Being brought up with that when you’re 5, 6 or 7 years old, I started playing rugby and I enjoyed the physicality of it.”

But, being surrounded by a difficult environment wasn’t the only trial Wane had to endure – and he left home at 15.

“I left home when I was 15, I started going out with a girl at 14.

“I didn’t go into school that much, but I met a girl called Lorraine who I am now married to.

“When I left home I never went back – I went to her house and that was eyeopening for me.

“There was heating and I had my own bed.

“I slept with my two brothers most of my time and at Lorraine’s house we sat down for every meal.

“Back home, there were many days when I came home and there was no tea and I’d had no breakfast – I just thought every house was like that.”

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