Shaun Wane admits it was difficult to “gain any positive thoughts” on England’s 94-4 win over Greece

It’s rare that a coach gets to oversee a 17-try win especially in the biggest tournament in the game.

Shaun Wane got to enjoy that experience, though enjoy might be a strong word.

As ever, a winner by nature, he was focused on the performance dismissing the number of tries scored and instead focusing on the quality of tries scored which he was pleased with.

He also revealed that his focus was on “habits” and not tries after the game which he was pleased with.

Wane also noted that he knew it would be impossible to generate positivity in today’s game with his England side so fancied against Greece.

He said: “It was a very tough one for us today to gain any positive thoughts on it, because if we’d have won easy people say you should have won easy and if we’d have been pushed close we’d have been hammered.

“We’ll take some confidence into next week.”

That said, he wanted to give credit to Greece for their effort in the game: “I don’t want to discredit Greece but it was an awkward one to deal with today, I was impressed with them that they kept going till the end.”

Lastly, Wane joked that there would be no beer to celebrate tonight with the England boss solely focussed on next weekend’s quarter-final at Wigan Warriors DW Stadium which is likely to be against Papua New Guinea.

When asked about a comment made by Victor Radley’s dad at halftime in which he said Shaun had said there would be no beer if they conceded a try, Wane revealed that there would be no beer at all: “There’ll be no beer tonight, I want to win next week.”

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