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Several clubs want to kick Catalans Dragons out of Super League, says former Sky Sports commentator

Super League

The Catalans Dragons are one of the biggest success stories in Super League in recent years and one of the few examples of when Rugby League has got expansion right. While so many failed expansion attempts have fallen by the wayside, the Catalans continue to go from strength to strength. 

This is highlighted by the growing away contingents which travel to Perpignan on a regular basis. Last weekend, Leigh took around 1,800 fans over to the South of France to watch their side secure a famous win.

This weekend, the Huddersfield Giants also took a big following to watch their side fall short of a famous comeback win. However, there are rumblings that this is beginning to cause a stir among their Super League rivals, who believe the Dragons have an unfair advantage in several respects.

There is now talk beginning to emerge that several Super League clubs would like to see Les Dracs booted out of the league altogether.

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Former Sky Sports commentator says clubs want Catalans Dragons kicked out of Super League

Catalonia flags and Catalans Dragons flags, and lots of fans and ticker tape at Stade Gilbert Britus for a Super League match.

Credit: Imago Images

Speaking on the Eddie and Stevo podcast, former Sky Sports commentator, Eddie Hemmings, dropped the revelation that several Super League sides want to see the Dragons removed from Super League. Hemmings said:

“There is a growing frustration among the Super League clubs that the cash from the Super League is flowing directly into the French club’s coffers. 1800 people from Leigh made the trip across the channel at the weekend to the Stade Gilbert-Brutus.

“Leigh won 10-2, so the travelling support must have helped, but it’s been pointed out that Catalan and Toulouse are both benefiting from the money, broadcast rights and that sort of thing, and nothing is coming back the other way.” Hemmings explained.

“Rumor has it, several Super League clubs now, several of them would be happy to kick the French out of the competition altogether I mean I can’t fathom how short-sighted is that.”

Stevo believes move would be short-sighted

Credit: Imago Images

Hemmings’ former Sky Sports colleague, Mike Stephenson, aka Stevo, agreed that the move would be a short-sighted one. He believes the Catalans add a great deal to the competition. He also believes that current Super League side, the London Broncos, should receive some of the same protections Les Dracs did in their early days in Super League. Stevo said:

“Well very short-sighted and let’s face it what they did for Catalans is what they should be doing for London. Catalans was ring-fenced for three seasons. So they could not be relegated. It gave them the opportunity. And let’s face it, they’ve been in the Grand Final, they’ve won the Challenge Cup, it’s a success.

“And why people want to turn down something that is a success against something that we’re struggling on, it just baffles me.” Stephenson explained.

“If the French have been able to sort of make their own contract in regards to television, etc. and so forth, or sponsors, you can’t blame them. And it’s alright the club saying, you know, well, they’ve got next season, you’ve got to pay for our expenses to go to watch a game.

“When you go down to the south of France spend a lovely weekend down there and no offense to Wigan, St Helens, Hull etc etc I think the fine the weather might be a little bit better too.”



  1. Jaybs

    June 23, 2024 at 10:49 am

    More IMPORTANT currently is to KICK OUT IMG, before they Destroy Super League and Rugby League, they are a complete waste of time, and more important MONEY WE ARE PAYING THEM!

  2. William friar

    June 23, 2024 at 1:54 pm

    Catalan dragons get good home game crowds with a lot of away supporters attending. but when they play away bring only an handful of supporters to the matches. now the new set of partnership with IMG want to bring a championship average french team Toulouse into the Super league over at least one of the middle table existing teams who get good home and away crowds.Sorry to say this will be the demise of the Super league and will surely affect the lower leagues as well.

  3. Andy D

    June 25, 2024 at 7:54 pm

    We need to expand the game in France and across the continent. Massive cities like nantes, Lyon, Montpellier and Marsailles have a history of rugby league. If they were in the same league then they would have away supporters. Cats fans can’t be expected to fly to 15 away games and there would be more opportunities with more French teams for sponsorship.

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