Selfish clubs have destroyed Magic Weekend says Chalmers

Bradford Bulls chairman Andrew Chalmers says that the lack of blockbuster games at this month’s Magic Weekend will destroy the concept.

Chalmers has pinned the blame on Super League clubs who have “saved their best match-ups for themselves” in order to have the greater chance of picking up a victory at Anfield.

The event originally included all derby fixtures but this year’s Magic only has one real standout fixture, as Warrington face Wigan in a repeat of last year’s Grand Final.

In his column on the Bulls website, Chalmers said: “It’s not that Liverpool is a poor choice; it may be a great location  I simply don’t know; but the clubs, and I do mean the clubs, not the RFL, have chosen to keep back their best match ups for themselves.

“They have chosen to do this to justify the crazy loopy fixtures introduced this year. So for instance instead of a titanic Hull derby; we will be treated to Hull v Huddersfield and Salford v Hull KR. This is the kind of loopy decision you get when the clubs suit themselves.

“They all try and find opponents where they think they can win irrespective and forget about producing a block buster schedule. Let’s wait and see.”

Chalmers, often an outspoken figure, believes that Super League club’s narrow-minded thinking will see the Magic Weekend concept wither.

“Supporters are not tempted to go in the same numbers,” he said. “Instead of having the humility to accept that they stuffed up, this years predicted low attendance will get the neigh-sayers clamouring to bin the concept, saying it doesn’t work.

“Let’s have a 9’s tournament instead. And then like the Million Pound Game before it, the SL clubs will have destroyed another wonderful and commercially attractive Rugby League event.

“How much more commercial pain can the sport cope with? Anyway that’s for the Super League Chairmen and Robert Elstone to worry about.”

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