SBW opens up about his diet and training during Ramadan

Toronto Wolfpack star Sonny Bill Williams has revealed how he’s coping during lockdown, whilst also fasting during Ramadan.

The 34-year-old has always been extremely open about his faith and is currently observing Ramadan – the ninth month of the Islamic calendar where Muslims take time to fast, pray and reflect.

The fasting, in particular, can have a big effect on the diet of an elite athlete, with those observing only allowed to eat between sunset and sunrise, however Williams insists he’s now used to the change having fasted for several years now.

I’ll get asked by athletes a lot, what should I eat, what time should I eat, what type of food, when or if I should eat carbs, that type of stuff,” he told’s Keeping Up With The Pack YouTube series. “When I first started getting into Ramadan from an athlete’s point of view I was really scientific.

“Last year I just left it up to Allah and said to myself I’m going to eat when I’m going to eat.

“Funny story – last year I actually fell asleep on the team bus going to the game. I broke fast just before I hopped on the bus to go to the game, and I had a bit too much.

Williams is currently observing the Islamic month of Ramadan. Credit: News Images

“Your energy is zapped after you eat too much, so I fell asleep heading into Eden Park before the big game. So I learned (that lesson) early!

“I would probably say (I miss) the island food (the most). The raw fish, we call it ‘oka’. We have a dish called chop suey, we have a potato called taro that I don’t really eat that much. But the meal I probably miss the most is oka with chop suey.”

Like most other players, Williams is itching for rugby league to get going again but says he in enjoying the time at home lockdown has provided.

“The competition will come back soon. And God willing, we can carry on our form from the last game. Thank you for all your support. We’re training hard. We’re working hard.

“Even though I’m enjoying myself at home with my family, I’m still training every day besides one day a week, and still looking forward to getting back out there and playing some good footy. I know all the other lads are in the same boat.”

You can see the full interview with SBW below.

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