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SAS chief has his say after Sam Burgess chokes out soldier in brutal exercise

Earlier this year, it was claimed that Sam Burgess had choked out one of the instructors on SAS Australia.

That was during a “kidnapping” exercise, whereby Burgess and others were put in a car and driven around at high speeds.

SAS Australia chief instructor Ant Middleton has set the record straight about an alleged incident involving Sam Burgess.

“Sam took matters into his own hands, ordering [John] Steffensen to pull the handbrake,” Fox Sports’ James Hooper originally claimed.

“Burgess reached over and put the soldier in a head lock, choking him out, before climbing in to the driver’s seat and taking the wheel.”

Now though Middleton has had his own say.

“He tried to get out of a situation and he used what he had at his disposal and that was his big arms,” the chief instructor told

Middleton revealed that Burgess attacked one of the “hunter force” not an actual soldier.

“It was all controlled,” Middleton said.

“When things like that happen we do step in, of course we do. We say, ‘Listen, good effort, enough is enough, let’s move on.’”

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