Samoa star reveals impact of The Rock on rugby league as he calls for more international rugby league

Just over a week ago, the Rugby League World Cup ended and it was a major success in growing the game especially in Samoa after they became the first Pacific nation to get to the final.

This was boosted by the fact Hollywood movie star and former WWE Champion Dwayne The Rock Johnson released a video wishing the Samoa team good luck being of Samoan heritage himself.

Samoan skipper Junior Paulo believes this could be a major boost for the sport saying: “The Rock being able to give us a shoutout, he as 350 million followers so I’m sure everyone knows what rugby league is now.”

He also believes what Samoa achieved is “massive”:

“It’s massive, we spoke in the week about giving ourselves the best chance of being in the game.

“We come away from it with our heads held high. They’re a special bunch but unfortunately the game comes to an end.

“In history those names will always be alongside each other.”

He also had his say on the controversial calls which went against Samoa in the final against Australia: “It wasn’t in our control and was up to the ref. That’s up to the ref. Knowing Angus Crichton, that’s not in his game.”

Paulo also called for more international rugby:

“Although we have a busy schedule, but we need a find a way to block these games out for international rugby league.

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