Sam Tomkins says Super League players could match the level of State of Origin and suggests it’s overhyped

It is said again and again that State of Origin is the pinnacle of rugby league.

It is even seen as higher than the international game.

In fact, Australia skipper and New South Wales star James Tedesco recently said after a classic match between New Zealand and the Australians, perhaps the best international game for some time, that the match was like Origin but not as quick suggesting it was perhaps a level below the heights of Origin.

It is watched by millions around the world and is often the game of rugby that even spectators who don’t watch the sport tune in to watch.

However, ex-Wigan Warriors star and Catalans Dragons man Sam Tomkins thinks it is perhaps over-egged.

The England skipper, who played in the NRL in 2014 and 2015, said that he believes it is partly the way it is presented which gives it the mystique it holds.

He also thinks Super League players who could perform at that level.

He said all of this on the Big Jim Show: “The way it’s produced makes it a lot bigger, Aussies like to blow smoke up their own arses so they’ll tell you how Origin is unbelievable.

“I know players who have played Origin, very good players but there are players in this country who could compete at that level without a doubt.”

“The biggest games over here are full on.”

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