Sam Tomkins reveals the involvement Wigan Warriors legend Shaun Edwards has at Catalans Dragons

There have been few British players as good as Shaun Edwards.

A serial winner with Wigan back in the day, he was in many ways the precursor to Sam Tomkins and the role he would play at Wigan Warriors during their successful years in Super League.

Nowadays, despite the fact they both made their names in Wigan, they find themselves in the South of France together.

Edwards is Defence Coach at France Rugby Union but is very involved at Catalans Dragons as Tomkins revealed on the Big Jim Podcast:

“I really enjoy his company, a really intelligent man. I like that he is a full rugby nerd. He comes and watches us train two or three times a week.

“We’ll be training and you’ll see him walk into the stadium and watches us train and he will give us a thumbs up.

“He doesn’t talk to anyone he just watches us train.

“I asked him about it once, he likes to study coaches. If there is an amateur team training, he will stop and watch and see how players respond.

“That is probably why he has been so successful is that he is successful with both codes of rugby, he is a big Catalans Dragons fan. He has a lot to say on it.

“He comes and sits in meetings sometimes, he will come and sit in video meetings and just watch.”

It’s interesting to see him so involved in a Super League side after he famously backflipped out of the Wigan Warriors job.

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