Sam Tomkins reacts to Super League Grand Final heartbreak

As Wigan Warriors defeated Catalans Dragons to be crowned Super League Champions in 2023, there was one man from Wigan who was devastated.

That was Sam Tomkins. A Wigan legend, today was his last game but he came up short against his former club tonight ending his career as a runner up to a brilliant Wigan side.

After the game, Tomkins had the difficult task of addressing the defeat.

He spoke to Sky Sports after the game: “There were some discipline questions at certain times and we didn’t have too much opportunity. We just felt like we ran out of gas for the last 20 minutes. We were chasing the game, we had no legs left and they were much the better team.

“I’ve lived the dream. It’s sad, I’m sad today but you have to look back at all the last 15 years. I’m nor retiring after 15 years, I’ve been doing this for 30 years.

“I just want to thank every player and coach from my first coach Jim Wrayley to my last coach Steve McNamara, I thank all of them.

“All my best friends I’ve met in rugby, I’ve got friends for life in this game. It’s given me and my family everything we’ve got.

“People who’ve been telling me this all week saying, thanks for what you’ve done for the game. I need to thank the game, it’s given me absolutely everything. It’s made me the way of the person I am.

“I’m finishing a very happy man. I’ve got a wonderful wife, four children, healthy brothers, mum and dad. Todays at a low point, but at some point I’ll be able to look back with a smile, I’m sure.”

“When I started playing in the first team, I never thought I’d have the opportunity that I have nowhere near. I thought I’d play a few first team games in a few years and that was it, you know, that was the goal. but I’ve been so lucky.

“I’ve played in three different countries for three teams and my family’s been able to experience a lot of different things. That’s all down to me being able to play a game of sport with my friends. It’s pretty crazy to think that doing what I love, I’ve been able to do all of that. I’m forever thankful for everyone involved.”