Sam Tomkins questions why Super League star is put on the bench

Will Pryce was at his electric best last night for Huddersfield Giants but Sam Tomkins questioned after the game why Ian Watson has the talented young man on the bench.

When asked if the NRL bound youngster should be starting, Tomkins said on Sky Sports:

“I believe so, I think he’s the best spine player they’ve got. He can do things that no other player in that Huddersfield squad can do. Ian Watson has just described him as phenomenal and he has him on the bench.

“If you’ve got a phenomenal player does he not get into your team?”

Meanwhile, Jon Wilkin echoed these thoughts: “He gets the ball and he makes a difference, he’s willing to take people on and the net result is that people are more passive and you get more opportunity to run the ball.”

“Theo Fages might be gone for a bit now so I’d play Russell and Pryce in the halves. and then it’s where Jake Connor goes in. Jake Connor is apparently ripping the first team to shreds in training. I’d play him centre.

Tomkins meanwhile believes Oliver Russell could miss out of Huddersfield’s strongest 17: “I’d agree. Ian Watson has got a squad together with too many spine players. Some good players are not going to play. I think if they’ve got their best 17 then Oliver Russell misses out.

“He’s a very steady player, he played well tonight, he kicks very well but he’s not quite got that X factor that some of the other players in this squad have got.”

This came as Wilkin praised Pryce’s attitude: “Will Pryce’s performance tonight was really special because he could have sulked. He’s been dropped out of the team, he could easily come off the bench and give a half-hearted effort but he didn’t do that. He changed the game.”

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