Sam Tomkins gives insight into changing room after semi-final heart break & says England will talk about “mistakes”

Not long after a heart-breaking defeat to Samoa in the Rugby League World Cup semi-final, England skipper Sam Tomkins spoke to the press.

It was a game where for the most part England let themselves down in defeat to the Samoans and ultimately a Stephen Crichton drop goal in Golden Point saw England miss out on the World Cup Final.

Speaking to the press, Tomkins gave an insight into what it was like in the dressing room after the defeat: “Not a lot has been said yet, there was a lot of effort out there, but today was an example that effort alone not being enough. We’ll get into the reasons why another day.”

He then went on to dissect the defeat saying that it was mistakes that let them down: “We’ll be talking about the errors and the mistakes we made. A team like that you can’t give opportunities to both with and without the ball.

“There’s a lot of disappointed men in that room and that disappointment won’t go away.”

This was ultimately the case when a forward pass in Golden Point gave Samoa the chance to win the game with the aforementioned drop goal and resulted in the same kind of heart break as the defeat in the semis in 2013 at Wembley.

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