Sam Tomkins future update

Catalans livewire Sam Tomkins has revealed he wants to retire in France and live there in the future.

On the latest State Of Mind Talks podcast, Tomkins revealed to host George Riley that he wants to repay his wife’s support during career.

“I’d like to retire here in France,” Tomkins said.

“We are really settled. My two boys are in school, my daughter starts next year and I have another baby boy due. My kids are fully engrossed in French life and don’t remember England.

“My wife loves it here. We would have to convince our kids to move back to England. I would like to stay here if I can and travel back for work if needed. My wife has been so supported of everything I have done in my career.

“I’ve always given her the promise that when I retire if there is something she wants to do then we will do it.

“She’d quite like to own an Air BnB or wedding venue somewhere so I will be the stay-at-home dad and she will have a passion she throws herself into and I will repay the last 15 years by backing whatever she wants to do.”

On the field, Tomkins activated a clause in his contract in July to say with the Dragons another year, but he wants to stay beyond that.

“I know my seasons are limited and I am ready for it whenever it may come. I have seen a lot of people retire and not be ready for it financially, and I listened to your podcast with Leon who didn’t really have his back up plans.

“I’ve had to have a real think about what I want to do. I’m lucky financially that I have invested in properties which has put me in a decent position. “

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